Developing and Scanning

So I've started developing/scanning my own film again and I've got to say, I forgot what a buzz it was taking the film out of the tank and seeing the images you took. I just love the whole process, from taking the shots to scanning them, but theres one piece missing, a vital part, which I'm guilty of and I'm sure many of you are too.....Printing! 

You don't have to do it yourself either, its easy with the numerous companies out there that supply you with quality images of your work, however, I'd like to do the whole process myself, so I've joined the local darkroom and I have my first one to one tuition on Saturday.

If you shoot film and want to give developing and/or scanning a try, I suggest checking out Matt Days YouTube channel for some great tutorials on this and most things film related! His videos are awesome and have helped me a lot.

These shots were taken on the Hasselblad on Ilford fp4+ 125, exposed at box speed and developed with Ilford DD-X for 10mins.

These were also on the Hassy but shot on Tri-x, exposed at box speed, developed with Ilford DD-X for 8mins 45secs