as the title says, its your wedding day and I'm there to document it in a relaxed and unobtrusive way. i won't try to boss you around, I'll capture the natural and raw emotions of the wedding, the tears and laughter. so You'll have some great memories to look back on.

as well as photographing those candid moments, we'll make time to get some cool portraits of you both, they wont be too posed, I'll find some good locations and hopefully some great light and make it relaxed and fun. theres no time limit on this, we can take as long or as little time as you like, remember its your day. I'm  also more than happy to photograph the more formal family shots,

I absolultey love photography, its my passion, i live and breath it. I know this is a very special day for you both and i will work hard to document your wedding in a unique and creative way.

Just see me as a guest getting some awesome shots.



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