Mount Hood

These are the first few shots of an ongoing project with the awesome singer/songwriter Dan Hopkinson a.k.a Mount Hood.

He's in the process of recording his first E.P since his band Light Parades split up ( who were also amazing) But he's not just working on his own material, he's got various artists coming in the studio to record some tracks, and with a recent degree in music under his belt, he's the man to go to. 

And me, I'm just there to document it all.

When Dan and I first discussed the project, I knew I wanted to shoot it on film, in black & white and have a gritty, grainy, high contrast look. So with these shots I used Tri-x and pushed it 2 stops, from 400-1600. This is the first time I've pushed film so didn't know how much grain and contrast they'd have, but I'm quite pleased with how these look.

Can't wait to get more shots of Dan mixing, recording and playing live, for those of you who can't get to hear him play, here's the track Lighthouse from his upcoming E.P............enjoy!!