Had a lovely couple of days in Cambridge last week, walking round the markets, colleges and up the tower of Great St. Mary's church for a stunning view of the city, with buskers and street performers as our soundtrack for the trip, whilst keeping an ear and eye out for the many commuting cyclists whizzing past us!

 And of course we couldn't go there without going punting on the River Cam through the heart of the city, laying back, basking in the sun as the guide told us stories of the colleges and bridges that occasionally shaded us from the soaring heat. My particular favourite was one about Prince Charles getting less in his exams than his bodyguard!

I woke up early one morning to take in the city when it wasn't so busy, when the river was still and silent, with the ducks and geese making the most of a clear river, free from tourists. It was a complete contrast to the busy midday crowds, with only a few people around, walking or cycling to work, sitting outside cafes with their laptops and lattes, markets traders setting up their stalls getting ready for the crowds, with the smell of freshly baked bread being made filling the air as I wonder the streets.

I shot mainly with the Leica m6, but still haven't finished my second roll, so will send them off to be processed once I have. So for now here are some shots with the Fuji xt-1.