I eventually got round to developing and scanning my Holga shots from about a month ago , last week I got myself kitted out with a developing tank and all the chemicals I needed to start developing my film at home (or to be more precise the bathroom) still haven't got a scanner, thats my next purchase.

It was a lot of fun shooting with this little toy camera, it really takes you back to basics, its just a black plastic box with a plastic meniscus lens, no shutter dial, aperture settings or menu screens just a shutter release and your eye. The shutter speeds around 1/60 and aperture is about f.8, I think it varies from camera to camera, but you have nothing else to think about except the shot.

I was using Ilford FP4 125 speed film so needed a bright sunny day, unfortunately I didn't get that but thought I'd give it a go anyway, as a result these shots are fairly underexposed so theres a lot of dust spots visible, I did take a few out in post but it would of took ages to get them all and I'm not one for spending hours in front of the computer. 

However I do love the look of these shots, the soft focus round the edges give them a real dream like quality and I can't wait to shoot with this again.