First steps

I bought a Yashica A, a while back on ebay but never got round to using it, my better half got me a Holga and two rolls of HP5 b+w film for Christmas so I loaded them both up today and finally took the leap into film photography, the rolls were 125 speed so wanted a nice sunny day to shoot with them, luckily we had some sunshine this morning.

I haven't got a light meter so not sure how the shots will turn out, also I'm not sure if everything is working how it should on the Yashica I just went by what I thought the shutter speed should be based on the aperture to get the correct exposure, I'll just have to wait and see the results.

And on that note if anyone could suggest somewhere to get my rolls of film developed, printed, put on a disc e.t.c I'd be grateful if you could leave a comment on here.

I would like to eventually develop my own film, but i'll take it one step at a time, and get to grips with shooting with them first.

These shots were taken with my Fuji X-pro 1 (couldn't resist taking it along as well)